Let's face it. It's hard to make a good living selling printables on Etsy.

The competition is absolutely nuts and profit margins are slim. And if you run any ads you can keep your fingers crossed you don't lose money.

That is not how to have a profitable shop.

This fantastic niche is spreadsheet templates.

Spreadsheets help people with real everyday issues such as budgeting, planning, wedding costs, college costs, managing income, and so much more.

Let me tell you why this is such a good niche to get into - the prices!
You can charge more money for spreadsheet templates than you can for printables.

Check out these spreadsheets that are selling for $12 or more...

Can Your Online Sales Use A Boost?

Check out this picture. This is from erank, a free Etsy analysis tool. *

One shop open only for one month, with just 5 listings, has 807 sales.

Another shop open only five months, has just 26 listings, and has 3796 sales.

* eRank is a recognized Etsy Analysis Tool


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